Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Loans To Increase Your Company’s Cashflow

From overdrafts to short-term loans and sales orders loans, discover how we can help with fund your company’s daily operations.

Secured or Unsecured Loans:

Our secured working capital loan is one that is backed by an asset or personal guarantee from a lender. The asset can be a house, factory or inventory and can be fully paid up assets with existing mortgages or loans.

Our unsecured working capital loans are offered to borrowers that are low or no risk.

Overdraft/Line of Credit:

We provide businesses with overdrafts and lines of credit that are flexible and simple to operate. In addition, you only pay interest on the amount you have overdrawn.

Short Term Loans:

We provide short term loans of a fixed repayment period that is usually 12 months with a fixed interest rate. Depending on our assessment, your company may qualify for the loan without collateral needed.

Sales Orders / Accounts Receivable:

We provide working capital loans to help companies fulfil sizeable order of goods based on confirmed sales orders or accounts receivable. The amount of money loaned is based on the value of your contract, order or accounts.


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