Our Services

Our Services

At SME Capital we are focused on delivering the best loan solutions that will help grow and transform your company to the next level.

Discover our various loan solutions below:

Business Loan

We provide a variety of business loans that include installment loans, overdraft loans, fixed-term business loans, invoice loans and equity loans.

Trade Loan

We offer a spectrum of trade loans and facilities that include letter of credit (LC) as well as trust receipts (TR).

Working Capital Loan

We offer working capital loans including secured or unsecured loans, line of credit, short-term loans and sales orders loans.

Machinery Loan

We provide financing solutions for a wide range of machinery, vessel and vehicle purchasing needs with attractive interest rates and flexible repayment periods.

Property Loan

We offer a versatile range of property loan packages, from fixed and floating rates. Our loans include refinancing loans, bridging loans, renovation loans and commercial property loans.